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DCC RPG Quick Start Rules
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DCC RPG Quick Start Rules
Publisher: Goodman Games
by Tim B. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 12/15/2017 12:42:42

A review.

Briefly, the DCC RPG Quick Start Rules are a player's manual allowing Player Characters to reach level 2 in any of the core classes (warrior, wizard, cleric, thief, elf, dwarf, halfling), plus enough gameplay info for a Judge (AKA Game Master) to run the game through the two included, one-session adventures. If you're just looking for a thumbs up or thumbs down, this is a solid thumbs up, with maybe a caveat or two.

For those looking for something lengthier: this is a great starting point, and absolutely sets out to do what it's intended for, which is to get a game of DCC up and running in no time, with a minimum of fuss. Save for advanced GMing techniques and higher levels, you get everything you need here, and the two included adventures are of a nature that a quick skim and you're on your way to running these things in no time. That's fantastic! The layout of all the info is tight and concise, as well as feeling complete -- I didn't notice anything missing from the gear and combat sections from the core rulebook of the full game, so there's no "missing" stuff that will trip you up or create a bump in the learning curve when you move onto the full rulebook and higher levels of play.

That's an overall win, but I have my personal gripes that I know are pretty specific to me, so take this with a grain of salt. The first is that I think the class write-ups could have gone to higher levels without that much added page count (spells would be the big one, though, and I'll talk more on that in a second). This could have been a complete "Player's Manual" that not only was a quick start but also provided players with a cheaper, smaller-than-a-massive-brick reference book, and the page count might have only increased by a handful of pages. But the spells...spells are a huge section in the core rulebook, and obviously it'd be tough to include that in a player reference without bloating the page count. This is where my other gripe comes in: spells are pretty complex in that they have lots of moving parts and thus lots of tables to reference. I think spells could've been the one "learning curve bump" where they dumbed them down for the quick start, or removed some of the options such that you'd still get a "complete" player's reference manual out of this, but left out some spells -- or some spell rules, such as the full reference tables for many spell functions -- such that those surprises would come from the Judge, through gameplay and interaction with the game world.

That second gripe is a very personal, admittedly nebulous one that shouldn't be seen as a knock against the game. It's more like a note for how a player manual could be set up for DCC. I didn't knock off any stars for either of these gripes given their nature.

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