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The Dungeon Alphabet $7.99 $6.39
Publisher: Goodman Games
by Christopher H. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 01/29/2010 00:05:12

This is such a clever product: old school in style and sensibility, yet universally applicable; funny and entertaining, yet actually useful; lighthearted, yet richly detailed. Under headings such as "A is for Altars," "D is for Doors," "O is for Oozes," and so on, the Dungeon Alphabet presents 26 random tables from which DMs can get both good laughs and good ideas for dungeon dressing. Take, for example, "N is for No Stone Left Unturned" (pp. 25-26). This particular table offers twenty entries describing places where something might be hidden. "Under a loose flagstone" and "underside of a table/desk" are two of the less imaginative entries; I won't mention the more imaginative entries, for the sake of DMs who might use the tables for their own dungeons. I particularly liked the tables for A (altars), G (gold), M (magic), and S (statues). I found the first of two R (rooms) tables more entertaining than useful, but I can easily see myself consulting the second R table non-randomly for ideas about rooms to put in a dungeon. If you're looking for a product where every single entry is useful and no space is "wasted" on humor, you might grouse about a few entries in this book. If you can approach the book without taking it too seriously, open to everything it has to offer, you'll not be disappointed.

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The Dungeon Alphabet
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